Bahrain’s laws and regulations relating to oil and natural gas – T5 LED Tubes Manufacturer

First, the establishment of Bahrain National cbd oil and Gas Management Council No. 63 of 2005 Royal Order

2005 9 26, Hamad. This. Isa. Harry King of France issued Royal Order N’. 63, the establishment of national cbd oil and Natural gas Authority, as follows:

1, the establishment of national gas and cbd oil authority, task report directly to the Prime minister. Board inherit all the functions of the former Ministry of cbd oil, the region budget appreciate the fact that enjoy the rights and obligations. Former cbd oil Ministry were all placed the actual Bureau, retain their original position, level, subsidies as well as other financial defenses.

2, 6-member council set up management committee, Qinming a minister for this CMC chairman.

3, Chairman of the Board Administrative Committee will probably be official members of the Bahrain Economic Development Board.

4, an order from the date of release, and published in official go to.

Appointed on the Bahrain National cbd oil and Gas Authority, President of MC Basically no. 64, 2005 Royal Order

2005 9 26, Hamad. This. Isa. Harry King of France issued Royal Order No. 64, appointed Minister of State Abdul. Hussein. This. Ali. Dr. Mirza State cbd oil and gas Authority of Chairman from the CMC.

Curriculum vitae (abbreviated) 3, Bahrain National cbd oil and Gas Board on the establishment on the CMC of your 2005 Royal Order Low. 78

2005 12 13, Hamad. This. Isa. Harry King of France issued Royal Order Correct. 78, the establishment of Bahrain National Gas and cbd oil prices Board Administrative Committee. Royal Order of Bahrain National cbd oil and Gas Authority authorized the country’s cbd oil and natural gas in all matters, regards to reference:

1, policy formulation and implementation for the cbd oil and gas discipline.

2, accountable for cbd oil and gas trade and gas and cbd oil prices derivatives enterprise management.

3, CBD Oil For Dogs of domestic cbd oil and gas resources and production technology make sure efficient use of resources and reserves; Pricing policy, resource development and international referring with.

4, gas and cbd oil to meet domestic demand of strategic planning, including state-controlled cbd oil and gas company’s management and the like.

5, critical to domestic and foreign enterprises arrange with all the development of domestic cbd oil and gas resources.

6, in control of domestic energy industry, hour or so and technical resource command.

7, the appointment for the council of experts and professionals in academic review.

8, the establishment with the full-time supervision of the domestic cbd oil and gas business sector.

9, likely to of state-owned cbd oil and gas holding company part.

10, decided the state cbd oil and gas companies to buy, and is responsible for restructuring and regulation, portion of all shareholders to within your the Assembly Government.

11, regulatory reserve Tank Control Crude Mining and crude cbd oil imports.

12, regulation and supervision of liquefied natural gas tanks as well production processes of filling and depository. Check illegal sale of coursesmart and the right to be punished in Subjects with rules.

13, Cheng-group meeting of cbd oil, petroleum exhibitions and seminars for the project Investment .

4, the Technical Committee set up in propane negotiations, Secretary of State 1 Order 2005

Bahrain’s Minister of State and National cbd oil and Gas Authority of CMC main to. Hussein. This. Ali. Dr. Mirza issued the negotiations close to the establishment of natural gas minister Technical Committee 1, 2005 Order, the content as follows:

1, the Technical Committee membership list (abbreviated)

2, the Technical Committee under the state run cbd oil and Gas Authority, has overall responsibility for your negotiations to import natural gas from the king, contributing to technical and financial studies to facilitate the work can be Recruitment Experts and teams.

3, the legal right to access government departments, agencies related data and information.

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