How to install and care for your shower wall Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles add a decorative feel to the loo. Bathroom installations are incomplete without this creative addition. This incredibly beautiful stone has a substantial maintenance issue. People love and hate this stone simultaneously. However, this issue doesn’t alter their decision to install the durable stone in their shower area.

The maintenance of travertine tile isn’t an issue, if you maintain them regularly. Their longevity is determined along with way you maintain them. Hence, an obsessive effort improves the endurance of travertine. So, how about replacing your old shower tiles with travertine? Just have a try and therefore i can assure you that you’ll are proud of your tiling verdict.

You can remove old tiles from the shower area immediately. Firstly, scrap off the grout with assistance of a chisel knife and hammer. Now, remove Plumbsafe at a time by hammering the tile with a chisel. Remove all of the dirt and grit from the fence. After cleaning the tile, put a good quality mortar on the surface and paste the travertine tiles when you strike it. You can also make use of a spacer to simplify your task.

After installing the tiles, keep the area untouched for several hours. Now, fill the gap between tiles with help of a grout. Prepare a grout mixture and put it on the trowel for easy application. Don’t forget to wipe unnecessary grout with assistance of a cloth. Select a portion at and also grout the tiles perfectly. These days, you can also buy colorful grout for the setting up your travertine porcelain tiles.

If you can’t install the travertine tiles yourself, then appoint a professional tiler to do the job. You can also seal the tiles so that they retain their shimmer. However, installation doesn’t end the job which. You should maintain them regularly. Blot all of the stains, dirt and spillage as soon as possible. You could also appoint a restoration expert to conduct the activity once in few months.

So, don’t think any more and add an extra edge to a bath room with help of travertine shower tiles.